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Solar energy is radiant light and heat from the Sun that is harnessed using a range of ever-evolving technologies such as solar heating, photovoltaics.

When sunlight is irradiated on the solar panel, delocalized electrons will be excited. Direct current will be produced when it is connected to a closed circuit. A current inverter needed to be added to transform DC to AC.



Moreover, solar water heating system can supply hot water with a low cost. Inside the system, there are solar collector, water storage tank, heat pipe vacuum tube, etc. When the solar collector is heated up by the sunlight, the surface temperature will increase together with temperature dropping of water inside the tube and create a temperature difference. Hot water floats when cool water sinks. Hot water is then stored and used for bathing.另外,當太陽光照射在熱水器上,便會將水加熱,為人們提供低成本的熱水。太陽能熱水器的配件有集熱器、儲水器和傳導管等等。當集熱器受陽光照射時,其表面溫度上升,背面的溫度相對較低,使管內的水形成溫差,利用熱水上浮冷水下沉的原理,使水產生對流加熱,供人使用。

The electricity generated by solar energy can be used in heat pump. Heat pump transfers heat energy in air to water. Water is heat up and cold air is released. The liquid refrigerant absorbs the heat in atmosphere and change to gaseous state. Gaseous refrigerant is compressed in the compressor. Temperature is then raised. Refrigerant then release the absorbed heat in the condenser and water is heat up again. Gaseous refrigerant is converted back to liquid refrigerant. Refrigerant is depressurized and transferred back to the evaporator. 


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