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Environmental Product 

Apart from using renewable energy and greening the environment, there are some other measures to achieve sustainable development.


Heat Shield Coating 

Being a waterproof material, heat shield coating can be applied to building envelopes (e.g. rooftop, external wall etc.), so as to prevent solar heat radiation from entering the interior through heat insulation, reflection and convection.  With high reflectance and low thermal conductivity, the heat shield coating can reduce solar heat from reaching and absorbed by the building envelope, with the help of convection, the indoor temperature can be reduced by 2–5 ˚C.  Having a lower indoor temperature, energy expenditures can also be reduced.  For instance, 3% of electricity can be saved if the air conditioner temperature is turned up by 1 ˚C.


Solar Colored Window Film

IR radiation is known as a common form of heat in the ambient, while UV–light is renowned for its damage to the skin.  As a result, by reducing the entry of IR radiation and detrimental UV–light, indoor temperature can be lowered at the same time preventing the health hazards bring by UV radiations.  In energy aspect, the air conditioner temperature can also be maintained at a relatively high level, consuming less energy.



Food Waste Decomposer

With the presence of micro–organisms, the food waste decomposer can break down the organic component of food wastes into organic fertilizers through microbial activities.  The upcycling process has heightened the value of the food wastes, concurrently reducing the original amount of the food wastes, generating a more sustainable life style.


Human Power System 

Human power system mainly associated with the production of kinetic energy.  The kinetic energy can be generated through human activities by using the pedal foot and crank system.  Upon the movement in the system, the energy generator can be driven and thus producing energy.  Having no environmental side effects, the method is environmentally friendly.  Common examples include bicycle dynamos, hand generator systems and geared foot-operated generator. 




Unlike traditional light boxes, many T8 or T5 fluorescent lamps are used as light source. Hence, a big and thick light box is required. Luxter is a film which as thin as a paper (2 mm) and made by plastic. High light transmission can be achieved. In addition, the light can be dispersed evenly and less LCD lamps are used as light source. Therefore, the problems aroused from LED light source which result in a shadow on the surface of light box can be eliminated. Furthermore, the life span of Luxter is also lengthened.


不像傳統燈箱,使用多支T8或T5光管作為光源,需要一個又大又厚的燈箱。燈箱薄膜像紙一樣薄,用特別塑料製造,其厚度可薄至2 mm,因此其透光度高。由於薄膜的透光度高,只需要使用少量LCD燈作為光源,光源也可以平均分佈,解決傳統LED燈箱表面有陰影的問題。而且燈箱薄膜的壽命亦較長。

Smart film

Smart films can be used in two way: Screen and Tint glass.  It can detect the light density in the area and automatically adjust its transparency accordingly.  As the light density increase, the transparency of the film will increase automatically, reducing the amount of radiation passing through the window through reflection, reducing the temperature of the indoor area.  Meanwhile, the transparency of the film can be adjusted by increasing the light reaching the indoor, so as to reduce the use of lamp.  The smart film can also act as a projector screen.


Air purification system
Cartel air purifier
Cartel 空氣淨化器

Cartel air purifier system combines the Photochemistry and Ultraviolet Photo-catalytic technologies to purify the airborne contaminants and eliminate the hazardous organic molecules ( e.g. bacteria, viruses and fungi, and removes odours, cigarette smoke and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) etc.) to help improve the indoor air quality in a short time.

Cartel 空氣淨化系統利用先進的光化學原理,配合紫外線催化技術,能主動潔淨空氣中的污染物,於極短時間內殺滅有害的有機分子,如細菌、病毒及霉菌等,同時去除難聞異味、煙味及揮發性有機化合物,從而有效改善室内空氣質素。

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